DeWeb 分散网络 분산 웹

2022-03-03 03:03:03
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For 30+ years, your customers have traded their personal information for free services on the Web. Email, physical addresses, sensitive data, and more, have been handed over in order to access the products, services, and connections that you offer.

However, the time has come where innovation and privacy have finally collided with each other, and it’s time for a revolution.

A revolution where companies use the decentralized web to satisfy privacy concerns and government regulations. Where customers, who trust and value their providers, allow consented access to a world of personal data not previously available.

DeWeb uses content addressing to identify content by what’s in it, rather than by where it’s located. Looking for an item by content is something you already do all the time. For example, when you look for a book in the library, you often ask for it by the title; that’s content addressing because you’re asking for what it is. If you were using location addressing to find that book, you’d ask for it by where it is: “I want the book that’s on the second floor, first stack, third shelf from the bottom, four books from the left.” If someone moved that book, you’d be out of luck!

The blockchain will be a core part of DeWeb but the next generation internet will also see the convergence of the Internet of Things and big data analytics. The ongoing fundamental process of datafication will be a key aspect of this next generation internet. As we increasingly instrument our world data will flow from all sources about everything. DeWeb will incorporate various aspects of machine learning and cognitive computing as-a-service as it becomes infused into almost all applications making it truly adaptive, responsive and personalized.



New Web

클라이언트-서버 기반의 전통적인 인터넷에서 분산 웹으로의 전환은 급진적으로 변화하는 것이 아닌, 점진적으로 변화해 나갈 것입니다. 분산 웹 스택이 꾸준히 성숙해 나감에 따라, 이러한 변화는 중앙화 된 형태에서 일부가 분산화 된 형태로, 결국에는 완전히 분산화 된 형태로 변모해 나갈 것입니다. 또한 분산화 된 아키텍처는 네트워크에서 발생할 수 있는 오류에 조금 더 매끄럽게 대처할 수 있으며, 사이버 공격으로부터 공격 받는 구심점이 없기 때문에 보안적으로도 우수합니다. 현재는 속도 면에서 열위가 있지만 꾸준한 개선을 통해 성능을 향상시켜 나갈 것입니다. 미래의 인터넷은 훨씬 더 분산화 되겠지만, 이는 중앙화 된 현재 시스템을 없애버리는 것을 의미하지 않습니다. 중앙화 된 인터넷도 관리, 속도 등의 면에서 장점이 있기 때문에 분산 인터넷과 공존하며 초 연결 사회를 함께 할 것입니다.